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The Darts Ontario Affiliate program provided a structure to bring together independent leagues and clubs across Ontario into friendly competition and provides affiliate members an opportunity to compete for places in the provincial championships held each year.

Darts Ontario

Participating Affiliate Leagues

Each affiliate league governs its own players and competition, but is given a structure for seeding players into the provincial championships. If you do not have an affiliate league near you, please contact the Darts Ontario Affiliate Director.
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Darts Ontario

Affiliate Tournaments

Affiliate Singles Doubles Shoot

Each year, on the first Sunday of November, affiliate leagues are invited to submit participants in the ranked singles and doubles shoots, run by the Darts Ontario Board. Winners of the singles shoots are then eligible to buy their way into the provincial championships held the following spring.
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Affiliate Team Shoots

Each year, affiliate leagues are invited to submit teams in ranked divisions to compete in Men’s, Ladies and Mixed team events. These shoots are held in February and run by the team shoot champions of the previous year, with help from the Darts Ontario Affiliate Director. Prior to the shoots, a meeting is held where representatives from each affiliated league work collectively to rank the team submissions.
Affiliate Team Event Venues
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Darts Ontario

Affiliate League Champions

In addition to inter-league competition Darts Ontario invites each affiliate league to submit League Champions for direct buy in to the provincial championships. Instead of qualifying through Zone participation, these members will be seeded into the championships held in the spring. Each league is responsible for determining how they will select their own League Champions.

Darts Ontario


League representatives are asked to make sure that their team captains and players are familiar with the affiliate rules before participating in affiliate events.
Eastern Affiliate Info Package
Western Affiliate Info Package

Darts Ontario

Affiliate Directors Application and Information Packets

Each league is asked to participate in the yearly affiliate meeting held in October. At this meeting, rules and regulations for running the affiliate shoots will be discussed. Furthermore, each Affiliate League Director is asked to read the information package and submit information clearly and on time.
Affiliate League Package
If directors have any questions, they should submit them to the Darts Ontario Affiliate Director.

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